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25 Ways to Reduce Fuel Expenses in your Landscape Business

These are some ideas to reduce fuel expenses, our clients and members of our Facebook group “Landscaping Accountant” helped in contributing to this:

  1. On-site fuel tank
  2. Fuel card for employees
  3. Reduce idle time
  4. Improving route density
  5. 4 day work week (less fuel and overtime)
  6. Fuel efficient vehicles, especially when getting quotes/admin work done
  7. Reduce amount of bi-weekly lawns
  8. Implement higher profit jobs to absorb more of the fuel expense
  9. Electric equipment, start with the hand held tools
  10. Picking a day each week to quote instead of swinging by the site on your way home
  11. Combining quotes with days you are working in the area
  12. Planning a strategy for the day to minimize vendor trips
  13. Better communication internally and externally
  14. Improved job execution, leading to less call-backs/visits
  15. Improved fleet management
  16. Install fleet telematics
  17. Be better prepared for the job-site, with the proper tools, equipment and gear (the first time!)
  18. Getting materials delivered to the shop before the job
  19. Utilizing equipment with electronic fuel injection (EFI) vs. equipment with carburetors
  20. Using sprinter diesel vans instead of trucks
  21. Using the right vehicle, or equipment for the task involved
  22. Be strategic about the gas station that you go to
  23. GetUpside app, or other apps that allow for cash back
  24. Make a mobile office in your van
  25. Utilizing software’s and technology to manage business activities remotely, reducing the need to go to and from the office

Having clear financial reports, and a solid accounting foundation helps when it comes to tracking fuel expenses. Increasing pricing is now a necessary move in 2022 in order to remain profitable. Be prepared to revisit price increase conversations with customers sooner then 1 year from now! 

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